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Maximizing Extra Sales Revenue: Tips For Crafting Irresistible Product Descriptions

Maximizing Hotel Revenue Through Extra Services: Tips for Hoteliers

Increasing profits might seem challenging when your hotel has reached full occupancy and maximum room rates. However, upselling extra services can significantly boost your revenue and help optimize costs. Let's explore effective strategies for selling extra services and see some examples that you might want to try in your hotel, based on successful implementations at our partner hotels.

Selling extra services not only increases your revenue but also enhances the guest experience. Well-described services with appealing images make it easy for guests to see the value, perceiving these offers as enhancements to their stay rather than just sales pitches.

Types of Extra Services

Extra services can be categorized based on their necessity and appeal to guests. Understanding these categories can help you tailor your offerings effectively and craft an effective marketing strategy to guarantee sales:

  • Essential Services: Services like Buffet Breakfast or Parking are essential for guests and therefore easier to promote. Providing information about parking options, including on-premises parking or nearby parking lots with costs, will be highly appreciated. This saves guests time and reduces the likelihood of complaints and frustration upon arrival.

  • Nice-to-Have Services: Services like Room Service Breakfast or Laundry are not essential but can significantly enhance the guest experience. Early Check-In and Late Check-Out are among the most sold extra services and can raise your average room rate without additional cost to the hotel. These nice-to-have services are usually already known to your guests, so offering them at a special price might be a good way to encourage sales.

  • Premium Services and Hidden Gems: These are unique services that guests may not know about or that make your hotel stand out. Guests will book Signature Spa Treatments, Surprise Gift Boxes or Romantic Room Setups only if they perceive the value of the offered service. Providing sufficient information and great visuals is essential for selling these premium services.

Crafting Irresistible Product Descriptions

Creating compelling descriptions and attractive images is crucial to making your extra services irresistible. Emphasize the benefits and evoke emotional responses from your customers. The guests are buying an experience, not a product, therefore focus on benefits rather than just listing features. Involve your marketing team in brainstorming and use tools like ChatGPT to craft engaging product descriptions.

Here are a few examples:

Early Check-In / Late Check-Out

"Start your vacation right away! For €20, enjoy early check-in or late check-out, giving you more time to relax and unwind. Begin your vacation as soon as you arrive and plan your day around your schedule, not the hotel's."

Image: A serene image of a guest relaxing in a plush hotel room, emphasizing comfort and relaxation.

Airport Transfers

"Start your journey stress-free with our private airport transfer service for €30. Your chauffeur will be waiting with a sign at the exit, ready to help with your luggage. No more looking for taxis or transfer buses—enjoy a smooth, hassle-free arrival."

Image: A luxurious car or van with a friendly driver waiting at the airport.

Room Service Breakfast

"Indulge in breakfast in bed for €25. Enjoy freshly baked pastries, seasonal fruits, made-to-order eggs, and your first cup of coffee without leaving your bed. Start your day relaxed and refreshed with a beautiful view."

Image: A beautifully arranged breakfast tray with a view of the bed or balcony.

Spa Treatment

"Rejuvenate with our Signature Hydro Boost Treatment for €70. This 60-minute session cools and hydrates your skin after a day on the beach, leaving you refreshed and radiant."

Image: A tranquil spa setting with candles and soothing decor.

Personalized Welcome Packages

"Surprise your partner with a personalized welcome package for €45. Enjoy a bottle of local wine, gourmet snacks, and a map of hidden gems, adding a thoughtful touch to your adventure."

Image: A welcoming basket with the items mentioned, beautifully arranged on a table.

By focusing on the benefits and how these services can enhance the guest experience, you create compelling reasons for guests to take advantage of these offerings.

Best Practices for Upselling

  1. Use High-Quality Images and Descriptions: Clearly describe the benefits of each service with high-quality visuals. This approach helps guests see the value and makes the offer more enticing.

  2. Use Guest Testimonials and FAQ: Analysing guest feedback is a great way to improve your marketing messages. Incorporate the language guests use to describe your services and address frequently asked questions in your product descriptions to provide instant answers.

  3. Leverage Personalization: Tailor your offers based on guest profiles and preferences. Personalization can significantly increase the likelihood of upselling.

  4. Train Your Staff: Ensure your staff is well-trained to promote extra services subtly and effectively. Role-playing scenarios and providing them with the right tools can enhance their confidence in upselling.

  5. Automate Where Possible: Use automation to send pre-arrival emails or messages highlighting available services. This can prompt guests to get acquainted with what you offer and book services in advance.

  6. Promote via Multiple Channels: Highlight extra services on your website, during the booking process, in confirmation emails, guest apps and through in-room directories during their stay.

Sell In Advance To Optimize Costs

Selling extra services before your guests arrive not only boosts revenue but also helps optimize costs. When guests book services in advance, it’s easier to ensure you have the right amount of staff in each department. For example, if many guests order late check-out, you can better plan room cleaning schedules.

Get creative by offering services that both optimize costs and encourage sales in other areas. For instance, offer guests the option to "Exchange your daily housekeeping service for a €5 bar/restaurant voucher." This can reduce housekeeping costs while increasing bar and restaurant revenue.

Studies show that people are more likely to order products or services in a convenient setting, such as at home before departure. Make the booking process easy and quick by providing sufficient information, choosing the right price point, and highlighting the benefits. A simple, streamlined booking experience can significantly increase your sales of extra services.

How Can HotelBuddy Help

HotelBuddy offers a streamlined platform for selling extra services, ensuring ease of use and maximum guest engagement. We will help you set up all extra services with descriptions, photos, pricing and availability in your admin dashboard.

Once your extra services have been listed, Hotelbuddy promotes them during the online check-in, inviting guests to explore your offerings and organize their stay in advance. The full list of services is at the client's fingertips also during their stay and they can easily view and order them through the guest app accessible in their preferred browser.

The reception desk can easily manage (confirm/cancel) all incoming service requests. All services will be automatically posted to the guests's room if not set otherwise. This automation saves a lot of Reception time, minimises errors and makes sure all services are charged on time.

HotelBuddy does not take a commission on room upgrades or extra service sales, allowing you to retain the full benefit of each upsell. Therefore listing external provider services, guided tours etc with a small margin can be a great way to maximize revenue and enhance your guest experience.

Take a moment to review your list of extra services. Are you covering all three categories: essential, nice-to-have, and unique offerings? Consider adding some of the most popular options if you haven’t already. Assess the quality of your product descriptions and images—are they compelling and visually appealing? Also, evaluate where you are promoting these services. Are automations in place to ensure you don't miss out on potential sales?

If you are curious about how we can help you streamline and automate the sales and marketing processes, feel free to book a call with us!



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