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Holiday Hustle: 12 Promo Strategies to Boost Hotel Profits

The holiday season is more than just a time for festivity and celebration; it is also a fantastic opportunity for hoteliers to increase profits, improve brand visibility, and build long-term customer loyalty. Using the right strategies, your hotel can stand out and attract more guests during this busy season.

1. Expand Your Range of Extra Services

Holiday travelers seek more than just a place to sleep; they're after unforgettable experiences and lasting memories. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to offer a variety of extra services, such as vegan Christmas dishes, activities for families with small children, or tickets to Christmas concerts.

2. Drop a Festive Hello in Their Inbox

Send warm, personalized Christmas greetings to your customers' inboxes, along with special offers and information about events happening at your hotel. During the holiday season, guests expect to receive more emails, holiday deals, and Christmas cards.

3. Offer Last-Minute Booking Deals

Last-minute deals are a great way to fill any empty rooms and ensure that your hotel is full for the holidays. If your hotel is already almost full, use last-minute deals to upsell higher-category rooms to maximize room revenue. Promote these offers on social media and other online platforms.

4. Use Influencer Marketing

Leverage influencer marketing to promote last-minute holiday offers, effectively reaching potential guests who follow travel and lifestyle influencers. According to polls by Edelman, 63% of consumers aged 18-34 trust influencer content more than branded advertisements, and 46% of millennials have traveled to explore a destination they’ve seen on Instagram.

5. Organize a Giveaway

Collaborate with local businesses or influencers to launch a social media giveaway, increasing your reach and brand recognition. Organizing bundled giveaways with partners raises the perceived value, encouraging greater participation.

6. Create an Instagrammable Spot

Transform a part of your hotel into a photogenic holiday wonderland that guests will want to photograph at your hotel. Set up a one-of-a-kind Christmas tree or decorate an area in the lobby or restaurant where guests can take and share social media-ready #selfies.

7. Host a Photo Contest

Encourage your guests to share their hotel experiences by posting photos and tagging your hotel. Incentivize them by offering attractive prizes for the most captivating images. This strategy not only collects valuable testimonials but also strengthens your hotel's social proof.

8. Make Special Gifts for Guests

During the holidays, delight your guests with unexpected gifts! Enhance their stay by offering Christmas-themed treats, tickets to concerts, or a warm bottle of mulled wine as a special perk for those booking premium rooms or opting for upgrades.

9. Sell Gift Cards

Gift cards for a variety of hotel services are ideal as Christmas gifts and a great way to generate revenue during the holiday season. These gift cards can be redeemed for dining experiences, spa treatments, or a relaxing stay at your hotel, making them ideal for unwinding after the holiday rush.

10. Organize Festive Events

Attract both locals and visitors with unique holiday events, a great strategy for generating revenue from non-staying visitors. Locals are frequently looking for ways to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. Throughout the holiday season, providing immersive experiences like themed dining options, costume-themed parties, and gingerbread decorating competitions for guests can provide a valuable revenue stream for your hotel.

11. Sell Hampers and Gift Boxes

Sell themed hampers via room service or at reception as easy options for last-minute gifts. These can range from holiday-themed to location-specific (such as souvenirs). Additionally, if your hotel has items like monogrammed towels or branded coffee cups, they are perfect for last-minute presents or as keepsakes of a memorable stay.

12. Foster a Festive Spirit Among Staff

Keep your team inspired and actively engaged during the bustling holiday season. Implementing automation tools, such as online check-in, can streamline guest arrivals and ease the workload for your receptionists. A content and motivated staff is crucial for delivering exceptional customer service. Emphasizing staff well-being and equipping them with efficient tools not only improves service quality but also contributes to a joyful, festive atmosphere throughout your hotel.

No time to implement all these strategies?

HotelBuddy is here to help!

HotelBuddy is expertly crafted to enhance front desk operations, boost revenues, and elevate customer service.

  • Online Check-in and Check-Out Module: Enhance guest convenience with Hotelbuddy's online check-in system, eliminating paperwork and waiting times at reception. Plus, the Mobile Key Module lets guests use their smartphones to access their rooms directly, offering a streamlined and modern hotel experience.

  • Webshop Module: This new feature empowers hotels to sell all their services online, not just to hotel guests but to locals too. Offering wintry spa packages, themed dinners, and gift cards is now hassle-free, requiring no manual work!

  • Room Upsell Module: During the bustling festive periods, effortlessly offer guests higher-category rooms. This module syncs in real-time with your PMS, ensuring no opportunities are missed and eliminating the risk of overbooking.

  • Extra Services Module: Simplify the sale of additional services to guests, both before arrival and during their stay. This user-friendly system ensures guests always have a comprehensive overview of available services, easily bookable right from their mobile devices.

  • Feedback Module: Hotelbuddy's feedback module enables you to request guest reviews promptly post-checkout. Get social proof and enhance guest loyalty by offering special discount codes for future visits or inviting them to participate in photo contests for added perks.

  • Your Virtual Receptionist: HotelBuddy proves to be an invaluable ally for receptionists, especially during the hectic holiday season. It significantly reduces administrative tasks, freeing up your front desk staff for more meaningful guest interactions. Let your team immerse themselves in the holiday spirit too, knowing HotelBuddy has got the paperwork covered!

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