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Hotelbuddy's mobile kiosk check-in revolutionizes the traditional kiosk check-in process by seamlessly integrating it with guests' mobile devices. 

QR Kiosk Solution

Hotelbuddy introduces a unique approach to hotel kiosk check-in by seamlessly integrating it with mobile devices. Through this innovative solution, guests can experience the benefits of kiosk check-in directly on their smartphones or tablets. 

Elevate Front Desk Operations

By leveraging guests' own devices, hotels can save on hardware costs associated with traditional kiosks. 

Save Costs

Front desk can allocate their time and resources more effectively, as the streamlined check-in process reduces the workload at the reception desk

Reduce Queues

This innovative solution offers guests a seamless, contactless, and personalized check-in experience.

Enhance Guest Satisfaction

Scan The QR Code

Upon arrival at the hotel, guests are given the choice to check in at the reception desk or check in on their mobiles using a QR code displayed at the reception area.


By simply scanning the QR code using their mobile devices, guests are connected to the Hotelbuddy mobile check-in platform.

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