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Leading experts in hospitality and IT.

Our team boasts decades of experience and understands what you need to meet and exceed modern day hotel guest expectations. 


CEO & Co-Founder

Kadi has 15+ years of experience in the hotel industry. She has extensive experience in the front of the house, operations, and general management and she has always considered herself a tech-savvy and modern hotelier, who uses technology as a tool to improve the life of both- the staff and the guests. Now, she has put all her efforts into creating HotelBuddy- the most efficient virtual receptionist, you can ever find. On her free time you can most probably find Kadi working out at a nearby gym, or on the road between Tallinn and Riga. 

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Hardware CTO & Founder

Hannes has been working with computers for almost as long as he can remember himself. In addition to being the founder of HotelBuddy, he is also a founder of an IT service company PRO IT, which services today more than 50+ hotels in the Baltic States. Through his work with the hotels he realized that there is a huge void of advanced guest-facing technologies on the market and after going through the hotels and pitching his idea, the first concept of HotelBuddy was created. On his time off Hannes likes to spend time with his family and keep himself active. 

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Software CTO & Co-Founder

Tanel has worked in software development since 2005. He worked in Nortal (formerly Webmedia) for 8 years between 2005-2013 and in 2012 he co-founded a software company ByteTrain. Tanel has developed software for clients such as Telia, Swedbank AS, the Government of Qatar, EAS, LHV, and Danske Bank. In his free time, he loves to play tennis or video games and watch movies. 

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Marketing Director 

Anu has 20+ years experience in hospitality and tourism with Front Desk and Sales & Marketing expertise in hotels in Estonia, Italy, Egypt, Morocco. 5+ years experience in web-shops, copywriting and digital marketing. Loves art history, Italian food and Eastern philosophy.

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Senior Sales Manager 

Indrek has 8+ years experience in sales. He really enjoys his work, especially when he can see that he can improve the life of customers and help them in some way. Indrek has an extremely solution oriented thinking- he is always trying to generate solutions to issues. Passionate about disc-golf, gym, outdoors and cars. He values and prioritises balance to perform well in all fields of life. Fun fact: Indrek’s first job was in a hotel, he was working for a 5 star boutique hotel as a porter and this is the place where he understood that he really loves working with other people. +372 507 6407

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Business Development Manager

Lucio was born and raised in Italy. The passion for travelling drove him to work for international tour operator companies, airlines and general hotel management in European and Asian properties. In 2019 he was awarded as the Knight of the Republic of Italy for the quality and expertise of his job and career by the decree of the President of the Republic of Italy.​ Starting from 2016 Lucio fell in love with the Baltic Sates and lived and worked in Riga for more than 5 years and after he found a new opportunity in Tallinn being attracted by the style of the country and remarkable technologies. Now he is in charge of development of the Italian market. In his free time he still enjoys travelling, he likes to cook and spending time with his family and dogs. +372 53854060 +39 3333600599

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Hardware Engineer

Ahti has a Masters degree in Mechatronics and more than 15 years of working experience on that field. In HotelBuddy his main focus is to develop our IOT based door lock modules and make sure that they work properly. Fun fact about Ahti- in addition delivering superb hardware solutions, you can also invite him to your home or office during the Christmas period as a Santa Claus!

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Senior Full Stack Developer 

Aleksei has been working as a software engineer since 1999- he graduated with a bachelor degree as a software engineer in 1998 and received his masters degree in 2004. He has mainly specialized working with software languages such as Java, Clojure and Scala. He has worked mostly in Estonia, but also spent 3 years in the USA. During his free time he likes to play chess, ride a trail bike, hike and swim.

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Embedded Software Developer

Talis has a Bachelor degree in Electronics and 7 years of working experience. He has worked both as C/C++ programmer and also as a team lead for different development teams. In HotelBuddy, Talis makes sure that the code on our door lock modules is working well and error-free. He ’s passion is to work for a common goal, as a team. During his free time he likes to keep himself active with different sports and he is also an amateur film maker.

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Junior Software Developer

Dante is an ambitious Full-Stack developer, who has a Bachelor degree in IT. In addition to that he has more than 5 years of experience in the hotel industry. Thanks to his background and personal experience working with different hotel systems, he has a sense of understanding the processes in a much better way and he’s first-hand experience helps him to improve HotelBuddy’s solution even further. Dante is also always very cheerful, helpful and punctual. On his time off you will most probably find Dante at a boxing range or in the gym.

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At Hotelbuddy, we believe in making the hotel industry better for everyone involved. And that starts with our team. That's why we're looking for employees who share our passion and drive. Whether you're just starting out or looking to make a change, we have opportunities for all levels of experience. With competitive salaries, flexible work arrangements, and an inclusive culture, you'll feel right at home at Hotelbuddy. Don't wait, take your next step now!

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