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Saves guests time during check-in, stay, and check-out. Save your teams time on the front desk check-in process, not having to do keycard programming. And with Mobile Key, tracking is done digitally, which eliminates the need for additional staff and resources. 


0 loss

Mobile Key technology can save hotels a significant amount of money in programming, tracking, and replacement costs, while providing a convenient and efficient solution for guests. No Keycards lost, stolen, or damaged and no costs for replacement. 



Mobile Key technology provides a more personalized experience for guests by giving them the freedom and flexibility to customize their stay and access their room in a way that suits them best.



Mobile Key technology provides a secure solution for hotels by ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to the room and providing traceability and remote management capabilities, providing an added layer of security for the hotel and its guests.



No more waiting. The guests love this feature and the inconveniences of being stuck in a lobby and waiting to check-in can be forgotten. The mobile room key technology is a blessing for any traveler.



Mobile keys help reduce in-person contact and item, germ and bacteria transfers. They are an easy way to keep appropriate social distancing space.

Mobile Key: The ultimate hotel room key solution

Hotelbuddy's Mobile Key uses cutting-edge IOT technology that allows guests to access their hotel room using their mobile phone without downloading any apps.

More on Mobile Keys

How HotelBuddy Mobile Keys Work

HotelBuddy has developed its own specialized IoT door lock modules designed for quick installation on any electronic door lock. These modules create a secure communication between the lock and our system via an IoT Access Point, controlled by an IoT controller. Guests can smoothly unlock their rooms using HotelBuddy's browser-based app on their mobile phones—no downloads needed.

Moreover, HotelBuddy Mobile Keys are offered at an affordable monthly fee under the Standard Package, which includes all necessary hardware, making it cost-effective without large upfront investments.


Your Locks, Our Technology: Integrating HotelBuddy Mobile Keys

HotelBuddy solution allows for the concurrent use of digital Mobile Keys and traditional plastic keycards, giving your guests the freedom to choose their preferred way to access their rooms. Guests can also unlock corridor doors, fitness and spa entrances, or parking gates.


Installation involves the placement of small IoT chips into your existing door locks (no need to change the locks!). This takes just about 10 minutes per door and can be handled by our certified local IT partners or by your hotel's in-house technicians.  

The Benefits of HotelBuddy Mobile Keys

Time and Cost Savings: Hotels offering online check-in and mobile keys speed up the check-in process, reduce waiting lines, and save money by eliminating the need for paper and plastic cards, while also freeing up receptionists' from administrative work.


Better Security and Convenience: Mobile keys are more secure than plastic key cards as they cannot be lost, stolen, and they do not get demagnetized. They are stored securely on the guest’s smartphone, protected by a password or fingerprint.


Eco-friendly: Mobile keys help reduce plastic waste, making your hotel more environmentally friendly and lowering costs associated with replacing lost or damaged key cards.

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