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Saves guests time during check-in, stay, and check-out. Save your teams time on the front desk check-in process, not having to do keycard programming. And with Mobile Key, tracking is done digitally, which eliminates the need for additional staff and resources. 


0 loss

Mobile Key technology can save hotels a significant amount of money in programming, tracking, and replacement costs, while providing a convenient and efficient solution for guests. No Keycards lost, stolen, or damaged and no costs for replacement. 



Mobile Key technology provides a more personalized experience for guests by giving them the freedom and flexibility to customize their stay and access their room in a way that suits them best.



Mobile Key technology provides a secure solution for hotels by ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to the room and providing traceability and remote management capabilities, providing an added layer of security for the hotel and its guests.



No more waiting. The guests love this feature and the inconveniences of being stuck in a lobby and waiting to check-in can be forgotten. The mobile room key technology is a blessing for any traveler.



Mobile keys help reduce in-person contact and item, germ and bacteria transfers. They are an easy way to keep appropriate social distancing space.

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For a more sustainable future 

As opposed to standard keycards, mobile keys are a more sustainable alternative and a cost-effective solution in the long term. A mobile key will not wear out, break, or get lost, and it won’t need replacement. Consequently, they reduce unnecessary plastic waste and preserve the environment. Mobile keys are a sustainable and long-term solution for hotels.

Mobile Key: The ultimate hotel room key solution

Hotelbuddy's Mobile Key uses cutting-edge IOT technology that allows guests to access their hotel room using their mobile phone without downloading any apps.

How long does the installation take? 

The installation takes approximately 15 min. per door, depending on the door lock type. The installations can be done either by our technicians or by your in-house technicians. We will just configure the door locks remotely. 

How do our Mobile Keys work?

Mobile Keys use a digital key linked to the guest's mobile device through a secure connection. The guest's mobile device can access their room by communicating with the room's lock using technologies such as Bluetooth or NFC.

The guests can easily open their room door from their personalised secure dashboard on their mobile. 

Does it work with my existing door locks? 

Our Mobile Key solution works with most standard electronic door locks. We add a small microchip into your door lock so that guests have the choice between opening their door with a button click on their phone or using the plastic key card.


In addition to room door locks, we can also open additional access doors, such as the corridor doors, fitness room doors, main entrance doors, and even parking gates. 

Our Standard and Premium packages already include all the necessary hardware and maintenance for the Mobile key solution. 

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