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Online minibar

A more streamlined and efficient minibar sales process, as well as ability to track inventory and sales in real-time.

Extra services

Increase revenue and provide guests with a more personalized and enjoyable experience.. From things like spa treatments to car rentals, and more. 

Automated Payments

HotelBuddy's automated payment feature streamlines the financial process for your hotel, allowing for seamless and secure transactions.

Advanced Reporting

Ability to track key performance indicators, monitor occupancy and revenue, and analyze guest behavior.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Hotel Operations. Learn more - click on icons.


a Brighter


Sell your products and services online! Integrations with your PMS and SPA software available. 

Staff & resource management

Streamlining Operations with Scheduling, Inventory, and Staff Management Tools


Advanced Reporting and Fully Automated Payment, Booking Confirmation, and Scheduling Features


Tool that connects every side of your business.

Webshop module will be launched in November 2023

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