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HotelBuddy integration to Oracle Hospitality OPERA 5.6 has been validated! 

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

We are pleased to announce the validated integration of HotelBuddy 1.0 with Oracle Hospitality OPERA 5.6.

Hotelbuddy integrates with the Oracle Hospitality OPERA 5.6 to provide online solutions for the hotels and their guests using a web-based guest application.

HotelBuddy solutions enable hotel guests to:

  1. Check in and pay securely

  2. Book extra services and upgrade their room

  3. Read hotel information and check their folio in real time

  4. Activate a mobile key

  5. Chat with the hotel staff

  6. Order online room service

  7. Cast their personal content to the hotel TV

  8. Check out and share feedback

All these functions are available in a web-based guest application (no downloads needed) and the hotels can manage your guest journey and communication also from an all-in-one easy-to-use online admin tool.

In addition to the software applications HotelBuddy also provides hotels with all the necessary hardware and network solutions, for a monthly subscription fee.

For the mobile key functionality, we have developed IOT-based door lock modules, which can be easily installed in most of the existing electronic lock systems in the hotels and the hotels do not need additional cabling or changes in their hardware to deploy this system.

The hotels are provided with their own cloud-based all-in-one admin tool where they can manage the guest profiles, orders, and requests, create sales inventory and campaigns as well as internal tasks for managing operations.

Here is how your guest will use HotelBuddy:

Get in touch for more information about HotelBuddy and book a free demo today!



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