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Why should hotels offer online check in

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Hotel guests are rapidly changing their behaviours and needs, requiring more personalized and engaging services. And more than ever, hotels need to offer them innovative systems to fulfill their expectations and improve their overall experience.

When asked what makes a good hotel stay, 90% of millennials said they would be interested in checking-in in a hotel through their mobile phones and skip slow service and long check-in queues in hotel lobbies.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, guests are demanding the highest levels of hygiene, social distancing, and sanitization. Study shows that 84% of guests prioritized social distancing practices in a hotel to feel safe, and 71% of guests are more likely to stay in a hotel offering self-service tech.

And even when the pandemic ends, contactless services are likely to stay. Let’s discuss a few reasons why contactless technologies are the future for hotels and why should you start offering contactless check in service to your guests.

Contactless check in (and check out) is not just a safety measure

If we look from the COVID-19 standpoint, safety is the biggest benefit of online procedures. Besides that, the customers have a need for speed. Queuing up in front of a check in desk or kiosk is not on the favorites list for anyone for sure.

But the advantages of contactless check in and check out go beyond safety and curbing the spread of the virus.

Some benefits of contactless services include:


Contactless services are fast. The guest will fill in the registration card within a few minutes or check out and pay in a matter of seconds and the information will be sent to the hotel instantly.


People love doing things on their own if the technology is there. The advantage of using technology is always flexibility- check in to the hotel when you want it and where you want it. Filling in necessary paperwork has never been easier!


The identity fraud and credit card schemes are two problems that hotels have to face. The online check in is not just faster, but also more secure. The online identification and payment solutions often offer more security than a human identification could ever do. In Europe currently all the online payments need to be authorized and the hotel does not need to worry about credit card scams or forged bank notes which might happen with other means of payments. Cash payments do carry more risk for both the guest and the hotel and using online payment greatly reduces any risk for both parties.

Improved guest experience

There is one common worry amongst hoteliers: by deploying the contactless check in, we will not be able to give a personalized service to the guest. Think about the moment. Your guest approaches the front desk. How much information does the receptionist need to gather from them at the check-in desk? How long does it take to gather all those details, perform the check-in steps in the PMS, validate the room key, sign the paperwork and authorize their credit card? Was there enough time to really connect with the guest?

The online check-in automates the manual tasks needed to check-in. This frees your staff to serve your guests in a meaningful way, focusing on higher-level interactions and improving customer relationships. There’s more time to understand guests’ expectations and personal needs. Your hotel will be successful in delivering relevant information, explaining in detail what sets your brand apart from its competitors.

The online check-in allows you to send pre-arrival emails to start engaging with guests prior to their arrival. This pre-arrival engagement will help you gather your guests’ information so you can make them feel special on arrival. By showing your guests that you care about them before they even arrive, you set the tone for the rest of their stay. So if you’re worried that the technology will take away some of the authenticity, then worry no more. It will help you to stand out from the others and offer a wider choice of experiences to your guests.


Automation is a great way for hoteliers to solve their labor issues, with many looking into guest technology as it helps hotels to reduce their costs and there is nothing more expensive than labour cost. Front-of-house automation also allows staff to be redeployed elsewhere, such as focusing on customer service. Contactless check in and check out can save up a lot of time that the front desk employees are spending every day for simple procedures and effectively help to shave off hours from their duty rosters resulting in better work efficiency and higher GOP.


In all, contactless payments not only ensure safety and hygiene but also help you stay efficient and provide a better customer experience. Contactless solutions are not anymore just “nice to have”, they are more and more expected by the customers as the technology keeps on sinking deeper and surrounding every aspect of our lives.

In addition to safety, touchless operations offer security, efficiency, and cost-efficiency. Businesses are learning about these benefits, and soon, contactless platforms might replace the conventional system. If you’re looking for a contactless solution for your hotel, then we are glad to inform you that Hotelbuddy offers a great solution for hoteliers looking to digitize your customer service and internal operations. We offer solutions such as online check in, payment, check out, digital keys, upselling, extra service sales, room service, in room device casting, and much more. Check out our solution and get in touch with us for more information!




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