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Video: How to use Hotelbuddy casting functionality

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Did you know that in addition to online check-in, digital payment, mobile key, room service, chat and many other functions we also offer a simple TV casting system to the hotels?

Our TV casting system allows the guest to securely stream his/her personal content straight from the phone app to the TV, just like at home- no logins or pairing required!

Netflix, Youtube, Spotify, all are just a click away- it is so easy that even your granny can use it without an instruction

Our casting system is up and live already in the Centennial Hotel Tallinn and we made a short video to show you how it works

Did you like the video and want to find out more?

Get in touch via our website contact form or via your preferred contact method:

📞+372 56 65 24 04



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