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Choosing the Best WiFi Network for Your Hotel: Why Quality and Modern Features Matter 

Updated: Jul 4


High-quality WiFi is a must-have for any hotel. Guests, whether traveling for business or leisure, expect seamless, high-speed internet connectivity. As a hotelier, it’s vital to understand what makes a WiFi network not only high quality but also future-proof and business-minded.

Choosing a reliable IT partner is one of the keys to smooth operations
Choosing a reliable IT partner is one of the keys to smooth operations

Key Considerations for Selecting a WiFi Network


Coverage and Capacity

Comprehensive coverage throughout your property ensures that guests experience consistent connectivity without dead zones or weak signals. Additionally, your network must handle numerous simultaneous connections without compromising speed. This is especially important as guests often connect multiple devices, including phones, tablets, and laptops.


Speed and Reliability

High-speed internet is essential for activities such as streaming, video conferencing, and online gaming. A reliable network prevents frequent outages or slowdowns that can frustrate guests and lead to negative reviews. However, speed and reliability alone are not sufficient. Your WiFi network must also be open to integration with modern features and systems.



Implementing robust encryption protocols and advanced threat management solutions protects your guests' data and ensures a safe browsing experience. Security is a critical aspect that cannot be overlooked.


Ease of Management

Opt for a network that offers centralized management tools, allowing you to monitor performance, perform updates, and resolve issues efficiently. This simplifies maintenance and enhances the overall performance of your network.


API Support and Integration

Modern WiFi solutions must be open and adaptable, supporting APIs and integrating with a wide range of IoT (Internet of Things) devices. This is crucial because the interconnected nature of today's technology means that various systems in your hotel rely on a robust and flexible network.


DPSK (Dynamic Pre-Shared Key)

Features like DPSK provide enhanced security and personalized access for guests, while IoT integration is becoming increasingly vital. IoT devices, ranging from smart thermostats, lighting, security cameras, mobile keys and guest room controls, all require a reliable and interconnected network.


Expert Advice: 3 Questions To Ask

To provide further insight, we asked Hannes Mulla, the Founder of Hotelbuddy and Pro IT, a hotel IT service provider in the Baltics servicing over 50 hotels, for his top three suggestions for hotel managers before making a choice:


1. Does it actually work?

The best way to find out is to select 2-3 network providers and ask for references from other hotels that use their network. Then ask the references if they are happy with the service and if it works reliably.


2. Ensure technology is widely supported:

Make sure that the technology you are choosing is widely used and that there are enough technicians who can provide support. If your IT manager or IT partner does not know how to configure or set up the network, you will probably run into problems sooner or later.


3. Check the warranty period:

Ideally, it should be at least 5 years, but even better—a lifelong guarantee. Long-term guarantees provide assurance of the equipment’s reliability and the manufacturer’s confidence in their product.

Hannes Mulla, the Founder of Hotelbuddy and Pro IT, a hotel IT service provider, recommends Ruckus
Hannes Mulla, the Founder of Hotelbuddy and Pro IT, a hotel IT service provider, recommends RUCKUS

Hannes has worked with various network systems in the past, but for the last 15 years, he has exclusively recommended RUCKUS. Hannes explained: "Pro IT is a Network as a Service (NaaS) provider, we don’t just sell a product in a box—we stand behind our installations, ensuring they work seamlessly for our clients to avoid disruptions in their workflow. RUCKUS simplifies our job, because it just works so well."

HotelBuddy uses RUCKUS infrastructure as RUCKUS has developed a cutting-edge IoT Suite that the hospitality industry can greatly benefit from. Their unique setup of IoT controllers are essential for Hotelbuddy to control the door locks.

How is IoT changing the Hospitality Industry?

IoT stands for the Internet of Things, which refers to a network of devices connected to the internet to collect and transmit data, and facilitate processes to provide better and more personalized service.

IoT enables hyper-personalization by allowing your guests to control room features like lights, room temperature and entertainment systems, creating a customized stay. Mobile keys enable seamless check-in, and reduce Reception's workload and plastic waste. Predictive maintenance through IoT allows real-time monitoring of equipment, predicting and addressing issues before they become problems, saving costs and avoiding disruptions. IoT also optimizes heating, cooling, and lighting throughout the hotel based on occupancy, reducing energy consumption and costs.

HotelBuddy leverages RUCKUS IoT Suite to open guest room doors, spa and gym entrances and even parking gates. Thanks to the robust infrastructure, our mobile key failure rate is under 1%, a benchmark we are extremely proud of.

We can also offer TV casting thanks to RUCKUS patented DPSK that assigns unique encryption keys to each user or device. This means guests can enjoy their personal content securely, without worrying about potential breaches. DPSK technology simplifies the connection process, as guests can easily connect to their unique network with a unique Wi-Fi password they get from their phone app dashboard.

Guests can cast Netflix, Spotifyand Youtube from their mobiles to hotel TV without pairings or logins
Guests can cast Netflix, Spotify and Youtube from their mobiles to hotel TV without pairings or logins

Choosing the right WiFi network for your hotel is about more than just meeting current expectations. It's about preparing for the future, embracing modern technologies, and delivering exceptional service.


By following these guidelines and expert advice, you can ensure your hotel's WiFi network is reliable, future-proof and capable of enhancing the guest experience.


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