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Sustainable technology

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

HotelBuddy is considered to be a sustainable technology that helps the hotels to reduce their carbon footprint as it significantly reduces the paper and plastic consumption per hotel guest through digitalization, helps the hotels to reduce their working hours and therefore helps them save money, workpower and better manage their resources.

We also cultivate sustainable philosophy in our working environment and HotelBuddy offices:

  1. We are using renewable energy.

  2. We have gone almost paper-free to reduce waste. All our internal documentation is stored digitally and hardly ever needed to be printed out. We also use small fonts when we actually need to print out any papers in order to save the paper.

  3. We use digital business cards.

  4. We are encouraging remote work to reduce emissions, most of our team meetings are held over Zoom.

  5. We are tracking energy consumption with the IoT.

  6. No strict policies on the workwear. Most of our employees are working in casual wear, which means that they do not need to invest in expensive suits, which require dry cleaning and which also results in higher satisfaction levels of the workers.

  7. We are using green cleaning products, paper supplies and hand wash etc.

  8. Our offices are decorated with natural plants which help absorb airborne pollutants and emit healthy negative ions and oxygen into the air.

  9. We use reusable cutlery, water glasses and mugs in our offices.

  10. We use energy saving lights and try to minimize the use of electricity.

  11. We take stairs instead of an elevator. (NB! Our offices are located on the 7th floor :D)



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