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HotelBuddy Webshop: Unlocking Seamless Service Management and Revenue Growth

Updated: Mar 28

Embracing innovation by following market trends and changing customer behaviors is key to staying ahead of the curve. The trend of consuming everything online from a mobile device is steadily growing. The younger generation expects products and services to be bookable online with a few clicks and prefers a chat or instant messaging option to get real-time replies from businesses instead of phoning or emailing for information.

This is precisely why HotelBuddy has created a new Webshop module for hotels, allowing them to make all their services accessible to a wider audience and bookable on their webpage.

Benefits of HotelBuddy Webshop

1. Expand Your Reach, Boost Sales

One of the primary advantages of the HotelBuddy Webshop is the opportunity to sell additional services to a broader audience. Beyond traditional guests, your hotel services become accessible online to locals and travelers alike who may not be staying at the hotel. This expanded reach opens up new avenues for revenue generation as you tap into a diverse customer base.

2. Streamlined Booking with Personalized Invitations

HotelBuddy Webshop makes it easy for hotels to promote and offer extra services by sending personalized pre-arrival emails to guests. Imagine sending an email with a direct link to your webshop, inviting guests to explore and plan their stay in advance. This not only enhances the overall guest experience but also facilitates seamless and hassle-free bookings, creating a positive impression even before they arrive.

3. Efficient Resource Planning

Pre-booked services provide valuable insights into upcoming demand, allowing hotels to plan and allocate resources more effectively. This proactive approach ensures a higher standard of service and operational efficiency.

4. Unlocking the Potential of Gift Cards and Virtual Services

HotelBuddy Webshop enables the sale of gift cards and virtual services, allowing guests to pay in advance for services they'll use at a later date. Perfect for special occasions or holiday gifting, this feature adds a layer of convenience and flexibility.

Key Features of HotelBuddy Webshop

  • No PMS Integration Needed

HotelBuddy Webshop does not require any integrations and can be set up and running in a few hours.

  • Web-Based, No App Downloads Required

Operating entirely through a web-based platform, HotelBuddy Webshop eliminates the need for guests to download additional apps to access or book services. This user-friendly approach simplifies the booking process, making it easily accessible on various devices.

  • Flexible Service Sales via Link or QR Code

Promote and sell services efficiently by sharing a link to your webshop via emails or social media platforms, or transforming it into a QR code, and displaying it in guest rooms and public areas.

  • Comprehensive Service Listings

Showcase all your hotel services with rich details on the HotelBuddy Webshop. Each service listing includes pictures with detailed descriptions, prices, real-time availability, and instant payment collection, providing potential customers with a visually appealing and informative overview of your offerings.

  • Resource Management

Efficiently assign availability and manage resources such as seminar rooms, spa therapists, or registrations for cooking classes.

By combining a range of benefits and innovative features like resource management, specifically designed with hotel needs in mind, HotelBuddy's Webshop puts you in control of your online service offerings, driving revenue and enhancing guest satisfaction. Elevate your hotel experience with HotelBuddy Webshop and embrace a future where seamless, personalized, and revenue-generating guest interactions are at the forefront.

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