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Boosting Hotel Efficiency: The Rise of Self Check-in

Updated: May 13

As the technological revolution accelerates, the hospitality industry recognizes the growing importance of efficiency and convenience. This push has led hoteliers to innovate and explore new ways to improve customer service and streamline front desk operations.

Introducing self-service solutions is one strategy to address issues such as staff shortages, heavy influx of guests during high season, and queues during peak arrival times.

Online Check-In for Elevated Efficiency

Many forward-thinking hoteliers are already embracing a variety of digital solutions to increase efficiency. One such innovation is providing an online check-in system to benefit from lower labor costs, fewer paperwork and manual errors, along with increased client satisfaction due to an effortless and speedy arrival experience.

A well-functioning online check-in system allows guests to provide all necessary personal information before their arrival, upgrade their room category, pre-order services, and process payments from their personal devices from the comfort of their homes.

By gathering valuable guest data early, online check-in allows hotels to craft personalized experiences for guests: customize room amenities, upsell and cross-sell services, and offer tailored recommendations — all of which significantly boost guest satisfaction and loyalty.

Guests enjoy the freedom to check-in at their leisure, eliminating the need for physical queues and tedious paperwork at the reception desk. They will also have a better control over their stay with a guest app that enables quick transactions as well as simplified navigation through menus and available services offered by the hotel.

The Role of Hotel Check-in Kiosks

With the rise of automation technology, many hotels have also introduced self-service kiosks at hotel premises to allow guests to complete the check-in process independently upon their arrival, when the reception desk is busy or not staffed 24/7.

While traditional check-in kiosks alleviate some staffing issues, the downsides are that only one person can use it at a time, and kiosks require a considerable initial investment, ongoing software updates, or technical help in the event of hardware failure.

NEW: Hotelbuddy QR Code Check-In Kiosks

Hotelbuddy is revolutionizing the traditional hotel kiosk check-in by integrating it seamlessly with guests' mobile devices. Through this novel solution, guests can check-in on their mobiles using a secure QR code displayed at the reception area. By simply scanning the QR code with their mobile devices, guests connect effortlessly to the Hotelbuddy mobile check-in platform.

This fusion of hotel kiosk check-in with mobile devices offers several advantages to both guests and hoteliers. For guests, the process is incredibly convenient as they can complete the check-in directly from their mobile devices without needing to interact with a physical kiosk or stand in queues. It saves time, promotes a more personalized check-in experience, and provides the benefits of a contactless check-in, crucial in today's health-conscious environment.

From a hotelier's perspective, Hotelbuddy's mobile kiosk check-in offers operational efficiency and cost savings. By leveraging guests' own devices, hotels can save on hardware costs associated with traditional kiosks. Additionally, staff members can allocate their time and resources more effectively, as the streamlined check-in process reduces the workload at the reception desk. This enables hotel staff to focus on providing personalized services, attending to guests' specific needs, and delivering an exceptional guest experience.

Modernizing The Hotel Guest Experience

Implementing new technologies requires careful consideration. Factors to evaluate include continuously evolving guest expectations, available staffing resources, the level of personal interaction the hotel wants to provide and implementation costs. Striking a balance between automation and human interaction is crucial in increasing profitability while meeting guest expectations.

Hotelbuddy has developed a comprehensive self-service solution for hotels who are ready to digitalize their customer journey. In addition to our web-based guest app that allows guests to conveniently check-in, order services, communicate with the reception, cast films and music from their phone to hotel TV and open doors, we have now added the innovative QR kiosk feature into the Standard and Premium packages to furthermore elevate hotel operational efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction.

With the growing demand from consumers adopting newer forms of digital services, hoteliers now have every reason invest into modernising their operational infrastructure.


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