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Make your guests happy, every day, without a compromise.

The Next Big Thing

Join the great leaders across Europe to digitalize your guest journey with the most innovative solution on the market, designed by leading experts in hospitality and IT.

You can start with a beginner-friendly risk-free model and pay only commission on payments to upgrade your guest's experience by giving them the possibility to check-in online, pay, chat with the reception, book extra services and check-out online.


Mobile keys are available in monthly subscription packages that include all necessary hardware that need to be installed in your door locks (no need to change your existing door locks).

Affordable prices.

No upfront investments. 

Ensure that your guests do not have to spend their valuable time queuing. ​About 40% of customers prefer to check-in online, fill in the registration form, book extra services and prepay for their stay before arriving at the hotel to speed up the check-in process.

Less queues at the reception

More room upsells and extra sales

Online check-in is usually completed in a cosy and relaxed setting when your guests will be much more likely to browse and order services online as they perceive the offers and upsells as a choice, not as a hard sell. As a result, conversion rates rise.

Personalized customer service

Having tedious administrative paperwork automated, your front desk staff will have more time and energy to interact with guests and offer them a more attentive and personalised customer service. 

Hotelbuddy is your hotel's online self-service.  

Trusted by experts

A Center of Innovation

We have partnered with the best. We work with industry leaders because it allows us to be in line with your client's needs and the systems you work with.

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