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Ensure that your guests do not have to spend their valuable time queuing. ​About 60% of customers prefer to check-in online, fill in the registration form, book extra services and prepay for their stay before arriving at the hotel to speed up the check-in process.

Less Queues at the Reception

More Room Upsells and Extra Sales

Online check-in is usually completed in a cosy and relaxed setting when your guests will be much more likely to browse and order services online as they perceive the offers and upsells as a choice, not as a hard sell. As a result, conversion rates rise.

Personalized Customer Service

Having tedious administrative paperwork automated, your front desk staff will have more time and energy to interact with guests and offer them a more attentive and personalised customer service. 

The Future of

Hospitality is Here

Join the forward-thinking hoteliers who have elevated their operations with the most innovative hotel online self-service solution on the market, designed by leading experts in hospitality and IT.

A comprehensive web-based application to digitalize your guest journey

Our greatest endorsements come directly from those who know us best—our valued hotel partners. We're proud to share the experiences and insights of some hoteliers who have chosen to share their positive experiences with us!

"The ability to check in online, fill out registration forms and open the guests room with their smartphone saves time upon arrival and makes the check-in process more convenient for guests, and more efficient for the Hotel itself, in a time when rising costs and lack of manpower presents a challenge.


The app presents a solid win/win for guests and hotel businesses in general, offered by a team of experienced IT and Hotel professionals." 

"A solid win/win for

guests and hotels"

"Contactless mobile check-in with no hotel door lock change"

"A web-based application that you don’t need to download. You can add the shortcut to mobile home screen to reopen HotelBuddy app on the go.


Client-side design and user flow is well built and modern. The hotel side backend has a clean look, and you can get the usage statistics from the dashboard, accept/decline  orders in one place. The hotel can manage all descriptions and translations itself. Automatic rules for prepayment bookings based on rate code or note fields in PMS."

"A great way to 
connect to your guests"

"Good upsell platform, marketing assistant, good data collector and analytics, the best way to connect with guests, get reviews and give out feedback. Really reccommend!


The contactless access to rooms is easy-to-use for clients and has gotten also a great feedback from customers. No need to fill out paper registration cards and no need to take a room key card with you since everything is in mobile that is always with you! There is no need to download an app - everything works in browser! Support is always there to answer questions and solve issues."

Paul Taylor

Member of the Board

Unique Hotels Group

Aimar Reinup

Revenue Manager

Hestia Hotel Group

Airiin Ojala

Hotel Manager

SOHO Hotel

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We are proud to be the chosen solution for a wide array of hotels, from budget-friendly to luxury establishments, all committed to offering guest experiences that meet every need.


We have aligned ourselves with industry leaders to ensure that our solutions are not only cutting-edge but also seamlessly integrate with the systems you already use. This allows us to better meet the needs of your clientele, enhancing their experience and your operational efficiency.