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HotelBuddy's Mobile Keys: Elevating the Hotel Experience

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

HotelBuddy's innovative Mobile Key technology is designed to cater to the needs of both hoteliers and guests, as it allows guests to effortlessly unlock their hotel rooms using their smartphones.

Extensive research conducted by Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration highlights an alarming insight: the modern American traveller is getting anxious after a mere three-minute wait in line, resulting in a significant 50% drop in their overall guest satisfaction.

This is why offering a swift and efficient online check-in combined with digital room keys is crucial for maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction, as this enables guests to skip the old-school front desk routine, granting them the immediate freedom to settle into their rooms, kickstart their stay, and unwind without any unnecessary delays.

What Sets HotelBuddy Apart?

In a market flooded with technology solutions, hoteliers often face a tough decision when it comes to adopting a digital key system. They are typically presented with two options, both of which come with their own set of challenges:

The first option involves the replacement of existing door locks with smart locks. While this promises modernization, it can also translate into a significant financial investment ranging from 500 to 2000€ per door, posing a substantial burden on hotel budgets.

The second option requires guests to download a dedicated app for room access, but this often leads to a significant drop in usage rates, as people are generally reluctant to add yet another app to their smartphones.

HotelBuddy has taken an innovative approach by developing its own IoT-based small door lock modules. These modules are seamlessly installable into any electronic door lock to bridge the gap between the existing 'off-line' hotel door locks and the Internet. As a result, guests can effortlessly unlock their rooms using the HotelBuddy browser-based app, without the need to download anything on their phone.

HotelBuddy solution allows for the concurrent use of digital Mobile Keys and traditional plastic keycards, ensuring adaptability to your hotel's specific needs. Guests who use Mobile Keys can also use a supplementary keycard at any point during their stay.

HotelBuddy Mobile Keys can also unlock corridor doors, fitness and spa entrances, or parking gates, adding another layer of convenience for your guests.

Benefits of Mobile Keys

Time and Cost Efficiency: Hotels that allow their guests to check in online and activate digital keys can optimize their check-in process to the fullest. This reduces labor-intensive administrative tasks, manual data transfers, keycard programming, and payment collection. Consequently, the Reception staff can now engage in meaningful interactions with guests, uncover their preferences, and assist in curating a memorable stay.

Enhanced Security and Convenience: Mobile keys take security to the next level. While plastic key cards can be easily copied, lost, or stolen, the digital keys are safely stored on the guests' smartphones which they keep with them at all times and protect with passcodes or biometric authentication. Mobile keys provide traceability and remote management features: they can be promptly and remotely deactivated if a smartphone is lost or stolen. Plus, no more complaints and frustration caused by demagnetized plastic cards that can lock guests out of their rooms.

Sustainability: Going contactless not only makes the guest experience better but also plays a crucial role in creating a greener future by cutting down on plastic waste. This change helps hotels save money on key card replacements, printing, and programming while doing their part for the environment.

No Upfront Costs, No Lock Replacements

HotelBuddy eliminates the need for substantial upfront investments to adopt Mobile Key technology. Instead, hotels simply pay a monthly fee for the digital key function, and we provide and install the necessary modules.

Our Mobile Key solution seamlessly integrates with the majority of standard electronic door locks. The installation of the modules takes 5-10 minutes per door, depending on the door lock type and can be handled by either our technicians or the hotel's in-house technician. Once the modules are installed, we take care of the remote configuration.

HotelBuddy's Mobile Key technology offers a versatile and secure alternative to traditional access methods. If you're looking to provide an unparalleled stay experience for your guests, schedule a DEMO with us, and let's explore how HotelBuddy can enhance your hotel's offerings.



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