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Lucio Perrone, Business Development Manager 🇮🇹

Updated: Apr 5

At first glance Lucio could be exchanged for an Estonian due to his composed and calm character, but as soon as you start conversing with him, you'll discover his broad horizons and zest for life, in addition to his extensive expertise in the tourism industry. Lucio's experience, strategic action, consistency, and good people reading all add to his enviable ability to accomplish set goals with an apparent ease, which is much admired by his junior colleagues.

Indrek Liivlaid is HotelBuddy's Senior Sales Manager
Our Business Development Manager Lucio represents Hotelbuddy on the Italian market.

Although Lucio is based in Italy, he fell in love with the Baltic States a decade ago and has been living and working in Riga and Tallinn for periods of time. His curiosity in technological advancements and fondness of Nordic lifestyle has led him to become an Estonian resident and work for an Estonian tech company making him an excellent example of a cross-border industry expert.

In order to get to know Lucio better, we asked him some questions about his experiences, life hacks and passions:

What’s your role at Hotelbuddy?

My position is Business Development Manager for Italy. I am in charge of sales and digitalisation of hotels located in Italy.

What was your background before joining Hotelbuddy?

I have more than 25 years of experience in leading positions in several tour operators and airlines, I have worked as a General Manager in hotels in Europe and Asia, and I also own a tourism consulting company.

Lucio loves Nordic lifestyle and innovative technologies
Lucio loves Nordic lifestyle and innovative technologies that make life better

What is your expertise?

Strong skills in sales and marketing in tourism industry, hospitality, business development, public relations.

What is the most exciting part of your job?

The most exciting part of my job is when I receive the signed contract with a new hotel, but of course I enjoy all the challenges on the way to achieving this contract. I am very excited to introduce our product that makes life of hotel owners, staff and guests so modern, digital, clear and easy. I could have only dreamed about this technology in my years of being a hotel General Manager.

Who inspires you?

Smart people: professionals in their field, creators.

Which 3 words describe you the best?

Reliable, responsible, goal-achieving.

Recommend a good book/podcast you have read/listened to recently.

Podcast HOW I BUILT THIS with Guy Raz.

What’s your most-used productivity hack?

Focusing on every single task and prioritisation.

What is one piece of advice about life you would give to people?

Build the life you desire yourself without listening to the opinion of others, live your mistakes by transforming them into experience and become better every day.

Lucio working at Hotelbuddy Tallinn office
Lucio working at Hotelbuddy Tallinn office

When you were a kid, who did you want to become?

A pilot of military helicopter.

If you were a vehicle, which one would you be?

For sure I'd be a motorbike Honda Transalp that I had for many years, strong and flexible motor.

What has been your favourite travel destination?

Azerbaijan with its rich history, tasty cuisine, people and culture.

What’s your hidden talent/hobby?

Photography, motorbikes, diving, volleyball.

How do you keep fit? Do you work out or have some healthy lifestyle hacks?

I enjoy long walks in the nature and keep my sugar intake low.

If you had a warning label, what would yours say?

“Don’t speak with me before my morning coffee”