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Dante Teder, Junior Software Developer

Dante is Hotelbuddy's young and ambitious full-stack developer. His calmness, patience and relaxed attitude combined with his background in hospitality and expertise in coding makes him a valuable team member whose insights are always highly appreciated.

Indrek Liivlaid is HotelBuddy's Senior Sales Manager
Meet Dante – Our Junior Software Developer

In order to get to know Dante better, we asked him some questions about his experiences, life hacks and passions:

What’s your role at Hotelbuddy?

I am currently the Junior Full Stack Developer for Hotelbuddy.

What was your background before joining Hotelbuddy?

Before joining Hotelbuddy, I had just finished my bachelor's in computer science and was working as a Junior Backend Developer on the side. Funny enough, I had previously also worked on the side as a hotel administrator in one of the hotels where we have already implemented Hotelbuddy!

Sales calls – No problem! Indrek finds a solution to every problem!

Which 3 words describe you the best?

Ambitious, sincere and inquisitive.

What’s the most exciting part of your job?

I'd say the most exciting part is feeling the impact you create with your team on a daily basis with all the discussions, architectural and design decisions, new features, and just learning a lot from phenomenal teammates.

Who inspires you?

My grandmother - she's gone through a lot in life and is still the sweetest and kindest person I know. Her optimism, humility and willingness to help whoever around her is just unmatched, no wonder she's been a lifelong doctor. She's an incredibly exceptional and intelligent woman about whom I'll tell lots of stories to my future children.

Recommend a good book/podcast you have read/listened to recently.

A great recent book I read was "Principles" by Ray Dalio, and I'd recommend checking out Naval Ravikant's podcast.

What’s your most-used productivity hack?

Planning out the next day and having at least one important/ impactful goal on there that's an obligation to achieve.

What is one piece of advice about life you would give to people that has really helped you?

"Pretend there's a documentary crew filming your success story, and they're following you around right now. What would you do?"

Working smark not hard. Task batching

When you were a kid, who did you want to become?

I wanted to become a sculptor living in Canada, believe it or not.

If you were a vehicle, which one would you be?

I think I would be a car as there's quite some design variability and I'd be intimate enough to help create some awesome road trip memories.

What has been your favourite travel destination?

I'd say Nice in Southern France - beautiful place, lovely people and great culture, what else do you need?

What’s your hidden talent/hobby?

Drawing or doing one-arm pull-ups.

How do you keep fit? Do you work out or have some healthy lifestyle hacks?

Consistency is the time-tested solution. Being disciplined enough to keep progressing and not regress, even if it's just becoming 1% better. A great mindset shift that helped me earlier on was starting to think of food as fuel in order to help your body function better and be healthier, as opposed to eating food solely for the taste, although it all just comes down to what goals you have.

If you had a warning label, what would yours say?

Warning: for best results feed three times a day.